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Infused Ketchup! 10 mg per serving.

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3 ½ oz sugar

​​​​3 oz minced onion

1 tbsp minced garlic ​​​

6lb crushed tomato

2 roasted red peppers

​​​8 oz red wine vin

4 oz bals. Vin ​​​​

1  gram THC distillate (variance; add 1 gr CBD )

2 tbsp canola oil 

dash of cayenne


Lightly heat canola oil on low heat, mix in distillate until smooth. 

Cook the sugar over medium heat until it turn amber in color.  Add onion and garlic

Add tomatoes and roasted peppers cook 5-10 min over med heat

Add vinegars and reduce until thickened(about 20min) add cayenne

Strain mix through fine sieve

Blend in infused canola oil to finish. 


6mg per one oz serving.    Apron 120 servings per recipe.