Infused Cooking Oil
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Infused Cooking Oil

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Making an infused oil is a simple way to procicely add canabis to almost any recipe.  

Rather than a traditional recipe we will describe the method to add cannabis concentrates to cooking oil.   

In order to to procicely measure your recipes using infused cooking oil you will first need to know that THC or CBD content of your concentrate.  You will also need to decide how many MG you would like per tbsp of cooking oil.  


For our example we will be using an 80% THC cannabis oil with a goal of 20mg THC per table spoon of olive oil (any cooking oil or fat would work)


*Very lightly heat 16oz olive oil and add 1gram of 80% thc concentrate.  Lightly stir over low heat until blended. 

*Cool completely and store for later use.  


It’s that easy, you now have a cooking oil with 25mg of THC per table spoon.