Basic membership

  • Stay updated with CCA regional events
  • Access to select SOP’s 
  • Ability to view job listings
  •  Discount entry to regional events
  • Ability to obtain CCA certifications







No Prerequisites-open to the public.




Cannabis Chef Membership

  • All of the benefits of a basic membership
  • Access to post resumes and contact information
  •  Ability to obtain CCA certifications
  • Free entry to regional events
  • Cannabis Chef Association official chef coat
  • Discounts with our partners
  • Access to our culinary SOP’s and templates




1 year culinary experance or culinary degree.



Cannabis Business Membership

  •  All of the benefits of the basic membership
  • Access to post job listings and contact information
  • Ability to verify a chefs CCA certifications
  • Free Entry to regional events
  • Ability to become CCA partner
  • Discounts with our other partners
  • Access to our culinary SOP’s and templates



Currnetly work as hiring manager or representative of a licensed cannabis company or company within the cannabis industry.



Make More Money!

Our entire purpose is to help you navigate the intersection of the cannabis industry and the culinary industry.   As a cannabis chef or as a cannabis business professional our certification process and community will help you build a network that will help you find success.

CCA Certification

Being made available starting mid 2019 the Cannabis Culinary Association certifications will be a critical tool for both culinary professionals  and the business professionals looking for quality team members.


The CCA will offer a 4 tier system for certifications that include;

  • CCS Cannabis Culinary Specialists
  • CCC Certified Cannabis Chef
  • MCC Medical Cannabis Chef
  • CCCL Certified Cannabis Culinary Leader