So much more than a forum about pot brownies....

The Cannabis Chefs Association (CCA) is a certification program and networking community.

Cannabis Chefs as well as Cannabis Business Professionals can easily get lost in the ever changing cannabis industry.  We take pride on bringing these two groups together to help each other navigate this complex industry.  Our community forum is free to join and full Cannabis Chefs Association memberships start at $1


The Cannabis Chef 

It can be overwhelming breaking into a new industry.  Where do you start, how do you gain the experience that employers are looking for? Joining the CCA can be a critical component to gaining the knowledge and network needed to gain access to this growing but exclusive industry.


The Cannabis Business Professional 

Finding qualified cannabis chefs can be harder than just hiring a chef.  A cannabis culinary professional needs to understand the importance of food safety, dosing, inventory control and cross contamination.  With ACC certifications you can be confident in knowing the cannabis chef you hire will bring the skill sets needed to grow your business.